Virginia Bathroom Remodeling

Elevate Your Bathrooms with Custom Showers, Tiling, and Vanities

Commonwealth transforms bathrooms with premium materials, functional design and environmentally friendly fixtures.

Create the Bathroom You've Always Wanted

Our bathroom remodeling service transforms ordinary bathrooms into personalized retreats with custom cabinetry and showers as well as energy efficient fixtures and lighting.

Custom Cabinet Layout

Our bathroom vanities are more than just a sink; they are a fusion of elegance and utility.

  • Bathroom Vanities: Optimize your bathroom space with vanities tailored to your specifications, merging functionality with style.
  • Cabinets: Benefit from cabinets designed to your needs, maximizing storage while maintaining aesthetics and ease of access.
  • Shelving: Integrate custom shelving solutions that efficiently organize and display items, matched perfectly to your space and style.
  • Fixtures: Enhance usability with fixtures that complement your cabinet layout, providing cohesive style and practical utility.
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Custom Showers

  • Walk-in Showers: Enjoy ease and simplicity with our practical and spacious walk-in showers, designed with durable materials and non-slip surfaces.
  • Bathtubs: Choose from a range of customizable bathtub options that fit your needs and space, offering both style and functionality.
  • Custom Niches: Keep your shower organized and clutter-free with our built-in niches, designed to hold all your shower essentials efficiently.
  • Custom Fixture Design: Select from a variety of practical and stylish fixtures to control water flow and temperature effectively, tailored to suit your
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Flooring & Tile Work

Our flooring and tile work are more than just surfaces; they are carefully selected elements to enhance the overall aesthetics.

  • Diverse Flooring Options: Including tile, stone, and heated floors for extra comfort.
  • Artistic Tile Designs: Create a visual masterpiece with our range of colors and patterns.
  • Water-Resistant Materials: Chosen for beauty and longevity.
  • Professional Installation: Ensuring a flawless finish and lasting quality.
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Innovative Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures

Our lighting and fixtures are more than functional necessities; they are handpicked to elevate your bathroom's ambiance.

  • Strategic Lighting: Designed to accentuate and create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Options that save on energy while enhancing aesthetics.
  • High-End Fixtures: Quality faucets and fixtures that add a touch of luxury.
  • Seamless Integration: Blended perfectly with other design elements.
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Our Process

The Commonwealth Contractors Building Process

Discovery Meeting

Discovery & Planning

  • Initial Consultation: Schedule a meeting to discuss needs, style preferences, and budget constraints.
  • Space Evaluation: Conduct a thorough assessment of the existing bathroom layout and structure.
  • Concept Development: Brainstorm design ideas and features aligned with your vision.
  • Preliminary Estimates: Provide an early cost estimate based on initial plans.
Bathroom Design

Design & Selection

  • Detailed Design Phase: Collaborate on final design plans, including layout, materials, and finishes.
  • Product Selection: Choose fixtures, tiles, cabinetry, and more, guided by professional advice.
  • 3D Visualization: View a 3D rendering of the design to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Finalized Proposal: Receive a detailed proposal including costs, timeline, and contract terms.
Permits & Planning

Pre-Construction & Permits

  • Permit Acquisition: Secure all necessary building permits and adhere to local codes.
  • Schedule Creation: Set a construction timeline that accommodates your daily routine.
  • Preparation: Protect surrounding areas and prepare the space for demolition and construction.
  • Communication Plan: Establish regular updates and checkpoints to keep you informed.
Schedule & Build

Construction & Completion

  • Demolition: Safely remove old fixtures and structures to create a clean slate.
  • Craftsmanship: Implement the design with expert construction, ensuring quality at every step.
  • Inspection & Quality Control: Regularly inspect work to maintain standards and catch any issues early.
  • Final Walkthrough: Review the finished bathroom with you, addressing any final tweaks or concerns.
Trex Custom Deck Builder

Design Your Composite Deck

Incredible team, passionate about what they do and very talented. Luke is detail oriented and great at bringing ideas to life. Highly Recommend for projects of any size.

Tyler Dillehay

Bathroom Remodeling


February 2022

I have always had great experiences working with Luke and his team. They are consistently on time, courteous and pleasant to work with. In my experience, I have no qualms recommending him to friends and family alike.

Jonathan Shelton

Custom Build


May 2021

Luke from Commonwealth Contractors was very professional and responsive. We would definitely recommend using Commonwealth when thinking of your future home projects.

Todd Whitaker

Bathroom Remodeling


July 2022

Luke from Commonwealth Contractors was very professional and responsive. We would definitely recommend using Commonwealth when thinking of your future home projects.

Amanda Montini

Custom Build


August 2022

Commonwealth does great work. Have had a few jobs done by them and am very pleased with the results. Professional and courteous, willing to listen to their client and work together to get the project done to satisfaction.

MJ Natali

Custom Build


December 2022

We were very happy with the work Luke and his team did on our Trex deck repair. We highly recommend Commonwealth Contractors for any job - big or small. Great guys to work with!

Joyce Paszly

Custom Deck


August 2021

Luke was very responsive and professional. He was very helpful in every steps of the building progress. We asked them to build a rear deck and the work is fantastic. They are very dedicated, considerate and even go above and beyond.

Vy Do

Custom Deck


September 2022

“We hired Commonwealth for a complete tear-down and rebuild of our deck and added a screened in porch in the process. Their quality of work and attention to detail are second to none and they were up front and honest about all pricing.

Ryan Liverman

Custom Deck


May 2022

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